Abelardo Pardo

I am Professor and Dean of Programs (Engineering) at UniSA STEM, Honorary Associate at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, The University of Sydney, Research Fellow of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab (LINK), University of Texas (Arlington).


My areas of research are learning analytics, software for collaborative and personalized learning, technology to improve the student experience and teaching practice. I have expertise in the areas of intelligent tutoring systems, learning design, data collection in virtual learning environments, analysis of collaborative work, flipped classroom, and the integration of technology and pedagogical strategies. In these areas I follow an applied research approach with naturalistic experiments in real world scenarios.

I am member of the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning, member of the editorial boards of the BMC Medical Education and member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).


My past teaching experience included courses on Computer Systems in which I used technology to support active learning methods.

The following video describes how learning analytics can inform teaching practice (part of the MOOC Learning to Teach Online).

The following video describes the design of what is called flipped learning experiences (part of the EdTech Gallery created by Dorian Peters for the FASS eLearning team at The University of Sydney)

For more details about my work check my publications, Projects and Grants, recent talks, presentations, and teaching activities.


BS/MS in Computer Science by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain. PhD in Computer Science by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

If you are looking for supervision opportunities, check the description of the available projects.

You may find additional information in my home page at UniSA STEM

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Recent Events

  • Invited presentation at the International Conference on Big Data and Innnovationsn for Education. Title: “Can data help to improve learning experiences?”. Korea National University of Education, 5 December 2019.

  • Invited presentation at the Defence Learning Technologies Conference. Title: “Learning Analytics to improve Learning Experiences: Pedagogical, Technological and Ethical aspect”. Australian Defence College, Weston, Canberra, 23-24 October 2019.

  • Invited workshop and keynote presentation at the School of Medicine Education Forum. Title: “How to make the best use of data about learners?”. University of Tasmania, 9 July, 2019.

  • Invited presentation at the International Symposium on Learninga Analytics”. Title: “Supporting Evidence-Based Education through Learning Analytics”. Kyoto University, 22 March, 2019.